Voices From The Deep


Very proud to have been part of this project with Odyssey Marine Exploration. A wonderful and interesting shipwreck and very special to me. My late father was a Merchant Navy Radio Officer and sailed with the BI line (British India Steam Navigation Company). He was lucky not to be on the last fateful voyage of the Gairsoppa but he was shipwrecked on one of the BI boats. He survived the loss of the SS Urlana on the 5th September 1943 off the Island of Skye.

The Gairsoppa was a similar vessel and for me being privileged to have the opportunity to survey the wreck with an ROV was like going back in time. Seeing a typical ship’s Radio Officer’s cabin and the radio room allowed me to imagine how life at sea was for my father during WWII and on the Atlantic Convoys.

Voices from The Deep is a wonderful book. It not only brings the ship and its crew back to life but is a time machine visit to WWII India, life in the British Merchant Navy, the War in the Atlantic, the Royal Mail and of how through today’s science and technology we can preserve the past for future generations.

Beautifully edited and written by my friend and colleague Dr Sean Kingsley with two chapters by me and other experts. It’s a must book for any history and naval book collection. Book will be published 16th February 2018



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