Rovarch-marine archaeology and exploration -a St Andrews based consultancy


Looking for shipwrecks? Found a shipwreck? Want to salvage cargo? ……….. then you need the services of Rovarch……..15 years of experience researching, locating and working on deep water shipwrecks in the world’s oceans. I have successfully shown that ROVs are capable of archaeological investigations and excavations of deep water shipwrecks.I have worked on many high profile shipwrecks such as: HMS Victory, La Marquise de Tourny, SS Republic, SS Central America, SS Gairsoppa, RMS Lusitania, Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, various WWI and WWII German U-boats, and ancient Mediterranean wrecks. Recently I have been gaining experience in deep water salvage operations. I have I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and would be a great asset to any project. Project design, field-work, research, client rep, lecturing and presentations, plus TV/media experience and much more is on offer. I am STCW 95 and 10 compliant, UK Seaman’s Discharge Book, have US work visa and US crew visa. Check out to find out more and get in touch.


I am celebrating 43 years of my marine career. Merchant Navy junior deck officer, stability officer semi-submersible drilling rigs, offshore survival instructor/examiner, commercial diver, and 23 years service as a HM Coastguard Rescue Officer. For the last 16 years I have been a pioneering deep water marine archaeologist. My offshore, diving and archaeological background make me unique.

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